#NewMusic2018: Church or Jungle

Featuring on our #NewMusic2018 album, Church or Jungle delivers raw and sometimes dark lyrics over looped beats, vocal percussion and layers of ethereal harmonies. His striking songs are both hypnotic and heart felt, with a sound that is unique to him.


How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music for about 17 years


What are your influences?

Life and its ups and downs, dreams, things I feel passionate about like the state of the world, injustices and exploration…to name a few


How do you approach making a track?

I have a few different processes I use to make tracks. The one I use mostly involves getting into a shamanic-type trance, building up sounds and eventually falling into something, getting into a zone and just improvising/freestyling lyrics, completely in the flow. I record it and there’s usually a track in there somewhere.


If you could work with any musician who would be?

This isn’t usually something I’d think about, but I’d love to work with Sparks. I just love the way they fully  embrace their weirdness, and their openness to just go with the flow and  create whatever the hell comes out, no matter what style or genre.


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Buy his single ‘Stress Is A Killer’ from our New Music 2018 album here

Diane Burns
Author: Diane Burns

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