#NewMusic2018: Strife Darko

Strife Darko, who feature on our #NewMusic2018 album, write songs about personal takes on religion, spirituality and the strange ways day to day life is intertwined with both – with a large, large dose of irony and sarcasm.

The band’s main inspirations are Everything Everything, mewithoutYou, Why?, Willy Mason and Frightened Rabbit. The point of their music is to hold a mirror up to everyone who listens. Strife Darko feel a lot of music today is very self-pitying, especially in hard rock, hardcore and such, and they want to change that, and show that it’s alright to have problems and to struggle but taking a look at yourself and moving on is the mature response because, at the end of the day, nothing matters. Positive nihilism, if you will.


What’s your favourite album from last year?

So many albums to choose from, but I’d have to lean to the ’68’s album Two Parts Viper. It’s just such a brutal, to the point album that pins you down and makes you listen.


What’s the story behind Strife Darko?
Strife Darko, focuses on stories challenging our preconceived notions of love and hate. The whole point of the songs are to hold a mirror up to ourselves. We’re not perfect, we’re all flawed and we’re all tiny specs of dust in a never-ending  existence of possibility. Basically, each song is a story asking “What if?” and playing with that question.


Sum up Strife Darko’s sound in 4 words

Dark, frustrated, chaotic and belligerent.


What can we expect from Strife Darko in 2018?

Well we have our first 12 track album, Kill Gaia, due this year. We’re currently writing our next EP, and hoping to get in the studio this month for that. We just want to share our music and our message to anyone who would hear it. And also to a large portion of people who won’t.


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Jasleen Dhindsa
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