#NewMusic2018: Cartoon People

Cartoon People are a newly formed three piece from Whitstable, who feature on our upcoming #NewMusic2018 album. They mix jangly, dreamlike guitars, with heartfelt vocals and a thumping rhythm section, to create unique sound from the coast.


How did you guys form the band?

George and I (Ed) had been jamming together and I was also jamming separately with Jonny at the time… so we decided to bring it all together and it seemed to work!


What are your influences?

We’re into bands like Deerhunter, Spectrals and Parquet Courts, but we also really like soul music and lots of other stuff from the 60s.


What was your favourite album of 2017?

Collectively… Ariel Pink – Dedicated to Bobby Jameson.


What do Cartoon People have planned for 2018?

We’re releasing a new EP early this year, and hopefully playing a load more shows!


Check Cartoon People over on Facebook:

Listen to their music here:

Buy their single ‘Hardly’ from our New Music 2018 album here

Diane Burns
Author: Diane Burns

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