#NewMusic2018: Eleusia

The first band to be announced for our #NewMusic2018 album is Medway’s Eleusia, who bring you hard hitting bluesy rock. Influenced by the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Sabbath and Larry Graham. They fuse funk, punk and blues to create a whole new style of their own.


How would you describe Eleusia’s sound? 

The sweet fusion of RHCP, Hendrix, Led Zep and Sabbath.


Why did you start making music? 

To take over the world, one song at a time. Also because its    really fun.


What’s the writing process like for Eleusia? 

We pretty much jam and improvise, record it, then build a structure around the jam. So all the sections and feel of the song come naturally.


Which of your tracks do you enjoy performing the most? 

Still love playing Deep Blue Sea actually. We all love playing our newer track, Drug Of You aswell.


Check Eleusia over on Facebook:

Listen to their music here:

Buy their single ‘Deep Blue Sea’ from our New Music 2018 album here


Jasleen Dhindsa
Author: Jasleen Dhindsa

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