Bluesky Pie’s Social Media Etiquette 101 For Bands

Being in a band is pretty tough.

Writing music, recording it and getting it produced is one thing, but promotion is a whole other kettle of fish. But in many ways, it’s as equally important as the music itself. A recent Microsoft study, found the average attention span of someone using an electronic device to browse the internet is just eight seconds! To put this in context, a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

That means you don’t have much time to make a brilliant first impression of your band and music. With that in mind, we have put together a definitive guide of the fundamental things bands should do in order to get their music noticed online.

Put your music online!

This might seem very obvious, but so many bands don’t do this! If you are an upcoming band, having demos, live videos, and recorded material is extremely important. Not only to engage with your fans, but also if people are looking to book your band, they need to know what you sound like! If you are just starting out, creating a YouTube page where you upload unlisted videos is essential in getting gigs and other opportunities. Having a Soundcloud or Bandcamp page is essential too, as people can easily engage with your band on these sites.


Fill out the information on your Facebook page!

You’ll be shocked to know that a lot of bands do not have clear links to their music on their social media pages. If you have spent hours and hours on your music, it’s important that people should hear it, right?! Make sure that you have links to your music on your social media profile, Facebook pages specifically have options for you to enter your website onto your profile too. In your ‘Company Overview’ section, you can add multiple links.

Facebook pages also have great options for musicians, where they can enter things like “Artists We Also Like/Influences”, “Genre” and “Home Town”. These are so important when creating the profile for your band, because it easily puts across valuable information about your band.

People need to know where your band is based, and what your band sounds like. It is also important to list who is in your band too, which you can include in your biography. If you have quotes from reviews of your band, you can add these to your biography, as this will be the first thing people see when they go on your page.

Facebook is one of the best platforms for bands, as it is a multimedia site that does not have limitations on what you can post – unlike Twitter (made for short and limited interactions) and Instagram (photo based). That being said – Instagram is a major social networking site in terms of marketing, as social media algorithms have changed to prioritise videos and images. Having an Instagram account is a great way to put brief messages across with eye catching images. It’s a great way to interact with your fans on a more personal basis – and let them know what you’re up to, which can create excitement in the run up to things like releases and shows.


Create a band email address

What is equally important is that you have a band email address too. It’s good to reply to messages on social media, but you might be working with people that do not have social media. Having a band email address is also important when you want to make multiple accounts for your band, whether this be for Bandcamp, Paypal or Twitter, as you and your bandmates all have equal access!


Free downloads should pack a punch

We all have a pile of tracks at the bottom of our iTunes library called ‘Track 1’ by ‘Unknown’ artist’ right? That’s because the band who made the track did not input the metadata into the MP3 before loading it. This is a big missed opportunity for your band.

Your tracks should contain the name of the song, the name of your band, possibly some artwork, and most importantly (in the comments section) should include contact details including social media links. This is incase someone wants to book you to play a gig.

If they love your free track but have no idea who did it, you will never go viral with it!


Make sure you hashtag!

Bands really do underestimate the power of the hashtag. Particularly on sites such as Instagram and Twitter, hashtags enable you to reach a wider audience. Simple things like tagging the genre of your band and your location, are simple ways that can really increase the engagement on your posts.


Yes it’s tough being in a band, but by following these our basic guide you will one step closer to propelling your music career!

Jasleen Dhindsa
Author: Jasleen Dhindsa

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